ADSR is offering a free collection of loops, one shots, MIDI files and Serum synth presets in celebration of its 11th birthday this month.

Featuring 5 mini packs with sounds for Pop, Hip Hop & Trap, LoFi, EDM and Reggaeton, #producerlife is now available to download at no cost.

If there was one hashtag we can relate to at ADSR it’s #producerlife – from days and nights that are upside down, chasing the perfect beat, too many plugins (or not enough plugins) and an endless todo list to the ups and downs of working solo, the bigger ups and downs of collabs and of course dreams of making it on to the charts with a desire to stay true to our creative soul. It’s a wild ride but one thing is for sure we just love making music!!

This pack is a tribute to #Producerlife and to some of the genres that have kept us going. We hope it inspires you to keep making music, trying new things and taking your influences from all styles of music and art.

The #producelife pack is available at ADSR Sounds until July 31st, 2021.