Freshly Squeezed Samples has announced the release of Sean Tyas & Darren Porter Spire Essentials Volume 1, a new soundset for the Spire synthesizer instrument by Reveal Sound.

Sean Tyas & Darren Porter Spire Essentials Vol 1

The two trance maestros are back at it with a brand new sound set, this time for Reveal Sound Spire. Sean Tyas & Darren Porter Spire Essentials Volume 1 is a true work of art.

With 128 carefully crafted presets, the sound set features fresh, relevant sounds heard in trance music as well as other modern dance music genres today: intricate acid sequences, thick pads, iconic sounding plucks and leads, and pounding basses.

However don’t just go on our word, here are some testimonials from the leading names in the industry!

“When it comes to quality, Sean Tyas and Darren Porter are names that go hand in hand, and this bank is no different. Will be using this in every track.” – John O’Callaghan

“I was so lucky to have the chance to try this massive soundbank. Great new fresh sounds! Quality, quality, quality stuff! Great job guys!” – Manuel Le Saux

“One of the best Spire banks I have come across to date. Every patch is like a new track waiting to be made! Full of juicy goodness.” – Ian Standerwick

The soundset is available for purchase for £32 GBP.

More information: FFS / Sean Tyas & Darren Porter Spire Essentials