Fretted Synth FreeAmpSE v1.5

Fretted Synth has released FreeAmpSE v1.5.

New in Version 1.5

  • Reduced CPU use (still not a CPU lightweight, but should shut down less systems then v1.1)
  • New overall tone
  • Added host sync and tap tempo to the tremolo and delay
  • Added phase shifter
  • Added input\output meters
  • Reduced aliasing (using no over-sampling) Not gone! but harder to make it heard
  • Noise gate updated
  • Delay updated
  • Reverb updated
  • Cleaned up the GUI
  • 128 new presets (same crap names, plus 64 new crap names added)

Visit Fretted Synth for more information and a link to download FreeAmpSE v1.5.