Ftec-Audio HV-Formant

Ftec-Audio has released version 1.04 of HV-Formant, the worlds first Heptaverton Surround™ VSTi softsynth.

Heptaverton means seven points, connections (vertices). The format is based on 6 speakers equally distributed over a 360 degree circle around the listener (the seventh point). The principal is that the product in the centre, at the seventh point, the listener, is more than the sum of the six surrounding points (the sound production of the individual speakers).

HV-Formant features

  • Stereo and HV-Surround play mode.
  • 100% modular design (no predefined or internal connections between modules) upto effect section.
  • Flexible Monophonic, Polyphonic and Unison voice selection.
  • Unique 6 oscilator concept with dynamic wave mixing and splitting.
  • Open filter architecture with multiple standard and exotic filter algorithms.
  • Multi curve envelopes with advanced velocity or modulation responce.
  • Easy internal or external colour coded controller assignment, saved with each patch.
  • key hold memory with key add and remove function.
  • Stereo or HV-surround pan, chorus and delay effects.
  • 64 cell polyphonic sequencer, arpeggiator.
  • Online Manual, Forum and patch exchange.

HV-Formant is available as a VSTi plug-in and standalone version for Windows PC and costs €69 EUR.

Visit Ftec-Audio for more information and a link to download a demo version of HV-Formant.