Loopmasters has introduced Vital Vocals’ latest sample pack Funkadelic Vocals, a collection of song kits inspired by the iconic funk rock band Funkadelic.

This pack includes 4 songs with tempos between 81-92 BPM, that are perfect for capturing that groovy funk vibe in your music. The tempo range of these samples is also perfect for adding a fun and upbeat feel to your music. With the average tempo of a funk tune ranging between 90-110 BPM, this collection is sure to bring that classic funk sound to your tracks.

Funkadelic Vocals includes a variety of group chants, choruses, funky sung riffs, male vocal ad libs, harmony layers, and mixed vocal ensembles, all designed to capture the essence of funk music. These samples are ideal for creating a cohesive and authentic funk sound in your music production, but are also versatile enough to be used in a wide range of genres.

Funkadelic Vocals features

  • 4 vocal song kits.
  • 83 male vocal layer loops.
  • 39 male vocal phrase loops.
  • 35 spoken word phrases.
  • 20 male adlib vocal loops.
  • 15 vocal ensemble loops.
  • 1 laugh loop.

The sample pack is priced £24.95 GBP at the Loopmasters store.

More information: Vital Vocals