Future Loops Headbangers Metal Drums

Future Loops has released Headbangers – Metal Drums, a collection of over 550 Heavy Metal Drum Loops & Fills in WAV & REX format.

Headbangers – Metal Drums features striking and high-energy drum patterns specially developed for Metal and Alternative Rock . For increased variety and flexibility Headbangers – Metal Drums includes drum loops recorded in 4 different tempos: 120, 140, 160 and 180 BPM – giving you a wide range of material to work with, from steady breakdowns to intense double pedal madness.

Headbangers – Metal Drums can be used as the backbone for entire tracks – loops are suited for the various song sections from Intros, Verse, Breakdowns or Endings and over 100 Fills are included for extra drum mixing potential.

Headbangers – Metal Drums is available to purchase for 39.95 EUR.

More information: Future Loops / Headbangers – Metal Drums