Future Loops Sarod Loops

Future Loops has released Sarod Loops, a sample pack featuring sarod samples from the Total India collection (recorded in Chennai, Calcutta and Mumbai).

With over 14 GB Total India is a massive collection available only as a boxed 4-DVD set, but now and after much demand from our users you can download the Sarod loops and one-shots as a separate pack.

If you already own Total India please note that the tabla content is the same. If you do not own Total India please note that you can save money by getting the complete collection.

The Sarod is a beautiful stringed instrument of the lute family common to the Indian classical music traditions of the north region. Along with the Sitar, the Sarod is an extremely popular instrument and is highly recognized for its deep, weighty sound. It’s reverberant quality makes the Sarod a mystical instrument that can instantly give any track a luscious, mysterious vibe.

Sarod Loops includes performances by true masters and captures the magic of this beautiful instrument, bringing you nearly 100 delightful Sarod melodies that will fit exotically into any music style from world music, to chill-out, from drum n’ bass to house music.

Sarod Loops features

  • 296 MB content (143 MB before duplications), 451 samples in total.
  • 255 Sarod Samples.
  • 98 Loops (available in Acid Loops, REX and Apple Loops).
  • Over 150 One Shots that will allow you to construct your own melodies and vibes.

Sarod Loops is available to purchase as a download for $19.96 USD.

More information: Future Loops / Sarod Loops