G-Sonique has introduced its new audio plugin Psytrance A.I. Voices, a virtual instrument featuring robotic, synthetic psytrance themed psychedelic voices and slogans created by artificial intelligence, resampled and resynthesized with various futuristic sound design methods.

Psytrance music is characterized by exciting and elaborate intros, outros, intermezzos, breakouts. Nothing gets a crowd crazy more than an professional built-up graduating from chill intermezzo to a dance passage with atomic bomb energy.

And it is in these passages often interesting thematic voices /vocals are used. However, it seems boring to people if they hear the same message 1000 times from Timothy Leary, McKenna or from the movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. People want to hear something new, different. That’s why the Psytrance A.I. Voices – VST / AU plug-in instrument for Win and Mac was created.

Available in VST and AU plugin formats for Windows and Mac, Psytrance A.I. Voices is on sale for the intro price of 9.90 EUR for the first 80 customers (regular 14.90 EUR).

More information: G-Sonique