g200kg has released version 2.0.1 of VOCOV2, a freeware Vocoder VSTi plug-in for Windows PC.

g200kg VOCOV2

g200kg VOCOV2 – major update includes a new look

VOCOV2 is now a Digital/Analog Hybrid Vocoder. It has two completely separate vocoding engines which work simultaneously.

  1. FFT based Digital vocoder engine – for clear speech
  2. FilterBanked Analog vocoder engine – rough robotic sounds

Besides the new look and vocoding engine, VOCOV2 also features a reverb effect and VCF/AR envelopes have been added to built-in synth.

The latest version (2.0.1) fixes a bug which caused noise when having multiple instances of Vocov.

Note: patches are not compatible with ver 1.xx

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