Galbanum Picsis

Galbanum has released Piscis Rapture Expansion, the first in Galbanum’s Synth Expansion Line products of downloadable collections of professionally designed presets.

Galbanum’s Piscis Rapture Expansion is a creative tool which communicates big ideas, elicits emotion, and is well suited to be used in epic scoring projects. It empowers sonic symbolism and above all – to paraphrase Zen philosopher Ernest Hemingway – is just that which you want it to be.

Piscis Rapture Expansion features

  • Over 1GB of new content for Rapture and Rapture LE. 1,652 files in total.
  • 250 new meticulously designed presets, including 105 Spectrum Pads, 40 Multiwave Pads, 54 Basic Pads, 11 Arpeggiated Pads, 26 Texture Pads, and 14 Texture FX.
  • 1,402 new resources including, Architecture Samples, Architecture Waveforms, Architecture LFOs, SFZ MultiSamples, SFZ MultiWaveforms, and more.

The is available for download for $59.95 USD.

Visit Galbanum for more information.