Industrial Strength Samples has launched the Hybrid Cinematic Trailers sound pack by Gancher & Ruin, a cinematic collection of production audio and synth presets for Spire featuring risers, downers, explosions, deeply textured atmosphere sounds.

Industrial Strength Hybrid Cinematic Trailers

Now you can expand on the audio already included and create new and exciting layers when using this amazing plug in synth. Create new signature sounds by tweaking the presets. The bank includes Pads, Heavy Bass sounds, Sequences and essential Fx sounds for Cinematic use. This sounds can also be used any other music productions as well.

You also get the Spire sounds as 24 Bit Wav Audio. We included the Midi and a Full Kit to recreate anything in the Spire demo track. Solid hey. Hybrid Cinematic also works with our whole Cinematic collection. Just like our other Cinematic sample packs. This pack is 100% License Free.

This juicy pack leans on the more modern edge found in loads of new films. This pack can work great in your Youtube Veemo video Clip,, Indie films, Trailers and of course Outtro’s and Lead ins. No matter what level of design you seek this pack has got you covered.

Hybrid Cinematic Trailers features

  • 64 Spire Presets.
  • 64 Spire Audio Shots.
  • 1 Spire Background Kit (8 Kit Samples).
  • 1 Guide Track.
  • 10 MIDI files for Spire.
  • Production Audio: 15 Arps, 25 Atmospheres, 5 Bass Loops, 15 Bass Shots, 19 Booms, 18 Braams, 19 Downers, 24 Drum Loops, 5 Fx Loops, 17 Hits, 4 Distorted Hits, 9 Instrument Loops, 27 Kicks, 19 Misc Files, 26 Pulse Sounds, 13 Reverse, 18 Risers, 3 Snares, 4 Trailer Hits, 28 Woosh Bangs.
  • 1.33 GB total content.

The pack is available for £29.95 GBP. The Spire presets are also available separately for £14.95 GBP.

For more cinematic sounds, Industrial Strength has also launched the Underground Cinematic Bundle, a gigantic collection of 25 packs at nearly 80% off regular.

Industrial Strength Underground Cinematic Bundle

I must say Finally we are proud to present the Underground Cinematic Collection. Been a long time coming since we started up way back when. I have been talking about this collection in past few cinematic Fx product descriptions. Now it’s here.

This amazing Bundle pack can only found on and comes correct with over 25 Full Sample packs. This amazing collection features over 25 Gb of pure audio content plus heavy preset collections to boot.

The bundle includes Cinematic Tools Vol. 1, Sci Fi Cinematic, Lo Fi Cinematic Fx, Drone, Bomb, Klang, Drop, Impact, Foley Fx, Texture, Transmission, Drum n Noise, Dark Cinematic, Evil Machines, Effected Vol. 2, Effected Bass, NI Massive Drone n Noise, Heavy Drones + Hard Noise, Weird Little One Shots, Concrete Noise, Cinematic Noise, Impact, TDA Modern Fx, Drone n Noise, Alien Fx, and Space Fx.

Underground Cinematic Bundle is available for £107.95 GBP.

More information: Industrial Strength Samples