Gary Goldfinch danDelion

Gary Goldfinch has released danDelion, a multi-tap delay VST effect plug-in, designed for simplicity of use.

How does it work?

  1. Adjust the delay time and tap level by grabbing the top of the stalk/bottom half of the head and dragging it around.
  2. Adjust the taps pan position by left-click dragging the top half of the dandelions head (pan indicated by the little bug).
  3. Delay times can be sync’ed to host tempo or be freely adjustable (two ranges, up to a second or up to four seconds)
  4. Click the ‘filters’ button to access a low or high pass filter for each tap.

Dandelion is available for Windows PC. Bug reports are appreciated, especially with regards to it’s use in Cubase.

You can download the latest version of danDelion at no charge.