New Loops has announced the release of a new soundset for the TAL-J-8 synthesizer instrument by TAL Software, an accurate emulation of the popular Roland Jupiter-8 polyphonic analog subtractive synthesizer from the early 80s.

Gas Giant features 65 new presets, from classic analog brass, to new evolving pads and modern leads.

Gas Giant features a well-rounded set of J-8 presets that really show off the powerful Jupiter sound.

You will find the 65 presets categorised by type including, 5 Arpeggios, 15 basses, 6 sound effects, 12 keys, 15 leads, and 12 pads. All level matched to around -6db and with the mod and pitch wheels assigned for expressive playing.

The pack also comes with 10 bonus presets that use the new Osc 1 Sync feature in TAL-J-8 version 1.1.

Gas Giant is offered at an introductory price of £12.99 GBP until the end of February (regular £14.99 GBP). Use coupon INSPIRE20 for 20% off store wide.