Kip Chatterson has created GenMce, a generic midi controller to Mackie control emulator.

GenMce is a midi translator, designed to allow you to use your midi controller to it’s maximum potential in your audio, and possibly video creative projects without having to reprogram your controller. Isn’t it time you let that mouse rest, use your controller. You move a fader on your controller, your software responds. You press a button on your controller or midi keyboard you get what ever you have assigned to it.

GenMce is a Stand alone (free) midi control surface translator/emulator. Let your midi controller act like a Mackie Control Universal for near mouse free surface control of your DAW software. Presets created for Ableton Live, Cubase/Nuendo, Sonar, Audition, Reason, Tracktion and more. Built in midi monitors for easy entry of your controller data.

Please check the website for more information and download.