Plugin Boutique has launched a promotion on the REV instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt and the free Kontakt Player, offering three expansion packs for free with a purchase through August.

Output REV free expansions

REV is not a “reverse” button like the one on your DAW or sampler. It’s a world of sound design for producers, composers and musicians based on reverse elements. Packed into 4 powerful engines for Kontakt Player with over 14gb of content, REV includes complex synths, real instruments, multi-layered organic pads, loops, rises, pulses, swells, stutters and more.

For a limited time only, you can now buy REV and get all three of Output’s signature REV expansion packs for FREE. Featuring over 300 presets in total, these expansions provide a wealth of additional content in the form of gritty sounds, airy pads and ethereal instruments.

REV is available for purchase for $199 USD. The Beautiful Pads, Desolation and Translucence Expansions are included for FREE until August 31st, 2019 ($105 USD value).

More information: Output