ADSR Sounds has introduced the Analogue Archival sample pack by Touch Loops, a huge collection of instruments for Ableton Live 10.

The pack features 21 instruments covering timeless and rich Moog waveforms, warping & classic polyphonic chordal lushness from Korg synths, and extensive sampling of classic waveforms and a selection of wavetable joy from the Novation Peak.

Are your productions sounding a little bland and predictable?! Well, look no further friend! Introducing the latest synth beast from our analogue centric studios; Analogue Archival.

We’ve spent the last month deeply sampling our favourite synths including Moogs, Korgs and an epic Novation Peak for an extra contemporary Wavetable edge.

All processed through our in house signal chain of analogue pre to SSL comp then mixed for that extra gritty touch, we’ve ensured each instrument patch is both rich, warm and incredible flexible.

Analogue Archival features

  • 21 Multi-sampled Analogue Synths.
  • Instruments: Moog, Korg & Novation Peak.
  • Synths: Raw Saw, Square & Sine Waves, Envelope Manipulated, LFO Driven & Processed Wavetables.
  • Racks: Bespoke Vintage Ableton Rack – Vintage FX Processing.

The pack is 30% off for a limited time, priced $18.20 USD (regular $26 USD). Requires Ableton Live 10.

More information: ADSR Sounds