Kilohearts has launched a sale on selected audio plugins, offering a 50% discount for a few weeks only.

Flanger creates a flanging effect by mixing the audio with a slightly delayed version of itself. The length of the delay can be adjusted manually and modulated. Optionally, this effect can also add a phase shift between the dry and wet signals to create an infinte barberpole-style flanging effect upwards or downwards.

Frequency Shifter will shift all the frequencies in the input signal up or down by a certain amount. This kind of shifting will ruin the harmonic content of the input signal, making it sound dissonant. Mmm… Dissonance…

Haas effect will widen the stereo of the audio by delaying the left or the right channel slightly. Bottom line, it brings stereo width to sounds where there previously was none. Simple as that.

Pitch Shifter uses grain delay to adjust the pitch of the input signal up or down.

The plugins are on sale starting from 9.50 USD/EUR until April 8th from Kilohearts and distributor Plugin Boutique.

They can be combined and modulated as snapins in any of Kilohearts’ modular hosts or used as regular plugins (VST/AU/AAX) in your DAW.