Kilohearts has launched a sale on three of its snapin audio effect plugins for Windows and Mac.

Ring Mod

A ring modulator gets its name from the way the original analog schematic used a ring of diodes to multiply two signals together. Honestly the schematics is more of a square, but who cares when you can trash your sound beyond recognition in both pleasant and horrible ways?

Kilohearts Ring Mod

The kHs Ring Mod uses either an internal sine/noise generator or a secondary input as the second signal in the modulation, and allows for versatile transformation of the modulating signal.

Frequency Shifter

Do you ever think to yourself: “Screw harmonics!”? Well, ok, probably not. But let’s do it anyway!

Kilohearts Frequency Shifter

Frequency Shifter will shift all the frequencies in the input signal up or down by a certain amount. This kind of shifting will ruin the harmonic content of the input signal, making it sound dissonant. Mmm… Dissonance…

Pitch Shifter

Are you out of tune? Do you want to be? Either way, pitch shifter uses grain delay to bring the pitch where you want it to be. Or at least somewhere else from where it already is.

Kilohearts Pitch Shifter

The Pitch Shifter will adjust the pitch of the input signal up or down.

The snapin plugins are available in 32-bit and 64-bit, VST, AU and AAX formats. They were primarily created for the Snap Heap (free) and Multipass “Snapin Hosts”.

Ring Mod is on sale for 14 USD/EUR, while Frequency Shifter and Pitch Shifter are only 9 USD/EUR each during the sale.

The offer expires April 8th, 2019.

More information: Kilohearts