VST Buzz has launched a two week deal on the Acoustic Samples Guitar Bundle, offering 82% off on 4 virtual guitar instruments by Acousticsamples.

The collection includes Sunbird, GD-6, Telematic V3 and Strategy.

“The Acoustic Samples Guitar Bundle” is a collection of four classic guitars that have been deeply sampled and lovingly scripted to be as intuitively musical and playable as possible. Each guitar has its own highly distinctive sound and lend themselves well to many music genres including Rock, Pop, Folk, Country and Underscore!

Acoustic Samples Guitar Bundle features

  • 30.6 GB of deeply sampled & highly playable classic guitars.
  • Strumming Engine: Easily create super-realistic acoustic strumming patterns.
  • Pattern Mode: Program realistic guitar patterns in under a minute.
  • Pattern Maker: Make strumming and picking patterns of infinite size.
  • Song Builder: Compose full songs with ease using preset chord patterns.
  • Solo Mode: Play beautiful melodies with automatic hand position.

The bundle is on sale for only 89 EUR until March 28th, 2023 (regular value 506 EUR). Prices ex. VAT in EU.

More information: VST Buzz