UVI has announced a sale on the Walker Footstep Foley Designer instrument, offering a 40% discount for the next few days.

Walker delivers realistic and customizable footstep sounds for film, video and post-production. It includes 6 shoe types, 14 surfaces with texture layers and 8 clothing materials.

Walker is a comprehensive, flexible and easy to use sound design tool that delivers everything you need to create realistic footstep and movement sounds.

Built on a library of over 25,000 samples, Walker lets you choose any combination of 3 different mic pairs (placed near and far), 6 types of shoes, 14 ground surfaces with ground effects and 8 types of clothing. Perform steps in auto or manual modes with independent control over toe, heel and scuff timing to create perfect sync with your source, and adjust the volume of clothing, shoes, scuffing, floor and ground effects like creaking wood, dirt, leaves and branches, water and more to get the exact sound needed.

Deep, flexible and well organized, Walker is an indispensable tool for post facilities and sound designers.

Walker is on sale for $89 USD / 89 EUR through July 26th, 2021 (regular 149 USD/EUR).

More information: UVI