Reverb has launched the first sample pack in a new Studio Sampled Sounds series that compiles a vast collection of one-hits, samples and loops that explore and emulate the tracking spaces, drum kits, recording practices, and mixing techniques made famous by five landmark studios.

Produced by Ian Ballard at Ohm Studios, the Hitsville, USA – Detroit, MI collection recreates the famous Motown Sound, inspired by drummers Benny “Papa Zita” Benjamin, Uriel Jones, Richard “Pistol” Allen, James Gadson, and Earl Palmer, as well as Jack Ashford’s energetic tambourine style.

The iconic records we all know and love, from any era, all utilized the resources available to them at that time. Not only the talent, but the instruments, the mics, the rooms, and the production tools were all major factors in making these recordings last.

At Reverb, we are celebrating the sonic zeitgeist of classic recording studios with a new series of sample-based sounds—referential to those exact studios and their remarkable music. The Studio Sampled Series begins with the iconic drum sounds of some of the most famous studios from the 1960s—Hitsville, USA, Stax Records, Muscle Shoals/FAME Studios, Olympic Studios, and Chess Records—celebrating the unique aspects of their recording techniques.

The sample pack comes with snare, kick, tom, cymbal, and tambourine one-hits, stereo and mono files, dozens of groove loops and drum fills from Motown hits, groove loops with and without tambourine parts—all emulated to be historically accurate.

Drum Series Vol. 1 | Hitsville, USA features

  • Drums Only Loops: 15 Motor City Funk, 13 Real Thing, 11 My Girl, 8 Grapevine, 13 Ain’t Too Proud, 11 Reach Out, 16 Shotgun, 9 Postman, 12 Sugar Pie, 20 Tears Of A Clown, 13 Outta Sight.
  • Drums and Percussion Loops: 17 Motor City Funk, 13 Real Thing, 11 My Girl, 10 Grapevine, 15 Ain’t Too Proud, 16 Hitsville 4 Beat, 4 Hitsville Benjamin Fill, 12 Reach Out, 23 Shotgun, 9 Postman, 18 Tears Of A Clown, 13 Outta Sight.
  • Mono and Stereo One-Hits: 40 Kicks, 52 Snares, 41 Hi Hats, 69 Floor Toms, 67 Rack Toms, 23 Rides, 20 Crashes.

The sample pack is on sale for the intro price of $9.99 USD for a limited time (regular $19.99 USD).

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