Cableguys has posted a number of videos in which they demonstrate some interesting things you can do with the Shaper plugins.

This particular video shows how you can create a vinyl scratch effect perfectly in time with TimeShaper, the plugin that allows you to shape the flow of time.

In the video, a stepped pattern is applied to a short musical loop, creating a basic stutter/repeat effect with an obvious groove. The steps are then converted to smooth curves by right-clicking their edit points.

These flowing curves move the virtual playhead smoothly through the audio, just like a DJ scratching vinyl. And because the scratches are based on the original stutter pattern, they are naturally rhythmic.

TimeShaper’s editing tools are then used to manually adjust the timing, so the emphasis of each scratch locks in tightly with the original beat, which can be used as a reference by adjusting the Mix control.

Other recent videos explain how to do super-stereo risers with WidthShaper, lift the kick drum from a song with FilterShaper Core, and add stereo energy to mono drum loops with PanShaper 2.

More information: Cableguys