Splice Sounds has launched a new sample pack curated by Getter. Shred Packs Vol. 1 features a collection of drums, vocals, fx and more.

Getter is back on Splice Sounds with a whole new beast of a collection. Shred Packs Vol. 1 launches the first of many sample packs curated by Getter and Shred Collective label artists.

Dive in to cop some of the wildest sounds to ever escape his studio – from ferocious drum hits and loops to sweeping FX builds and wacky vocals.

The Shred Pack is now available to Splice Sound subscribers, starting at $7.99 USD/month.
New users can sign up with coupon yt2021 to get 1 month free access.

More information: Splice Sounds / Getter Shred Packs Vol. 1

Splice Getter Shred Packs 1