Ghosthack has introduced a sample pack featuring fresh and vibrant sounds for your drum and bass music productions. Liquid Fusion contains a collection of 870 loops and one shots.

Inject infectious effervescence into your tracks to create uplifting and upbeat energy unrivaled by anything on the dance floor. Layer shimmering synths, soulful vocals, and euphoric chord progressions with deep basslines and urgent drum patterns to conjure a magical sense of shared weightlessness and positive momentum.

Designed to uplift and energize, each of the 424 loops and 452 one-shot samples will shine in any mix. With a focus on emotion and melody, catchy hooks make this style of DnB a bit more accessible to many people when compared to its darker sub-genres. Ideal for parties, nights out on the town with friends and Summer road trips, this is music to make memories to.

The sample pack is available to purchase for 37 EUR.

More information: Ghosthack