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Glitchmachines releases Palindrome granular morph plotting plugin


Glitchmachines has announced its latest plugin Palindrome, a granular morph plotting sampler geared toward experimental sound design.

Glitchmachines Palindrome

Palindrome fuses 4 granular samplers with a coordinate plotting grid and complex modulation sources, in order to facilitate the creation of morphing sound effects and unusual instrument patches.

The plugin’s main grid section facilitates the creation of custom paths that determine the trajectory of a playhead over time. This playhead travels across a user-definable path that corresponds with the outputs of the samplers which are smoothly morphed using a bilinear interpolation algorithm. Palindrome also features 8 user-definable multi-breakpoint modulation envelopes to facilitate the creation of intricate modulation shapes.

With its 4 granular samplers, morph-plotting system, 8 multi-breakpoint modulation envelopes, dual effects processors per sampler, shape presets, 4-note polyphony, deep randomization system, global reverb, 1.4GB sample library and numerous factory presets, Palindrome brings sound designers a powerful new sound sculpting tool.

Palindrome features

  • 4 Granular Sampler Modules.
  • Morph Plotting System.
  • 8 Multi-Breakpoint Envelopes.
  • 2 insert FX Per Sampler.
  • 4 Voice Polyphony.
  • Comprehensive Randomizer.
  • 70+ Presets & 1.5 GB of Samples.

Palindrome is available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) from Plugin Boutique, priced at $69 USD.

More information: Glitchmachines

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