GoldWave v5.22

GoldWave, the professional digital audio editor, has been updated to version 5.24.

Changes since v5.23

  • Sortable columns in File Merger tool.
  • New fade curves for Crossfade.
  • Click-and-drag scrolling using middle (wheel) button.
  • Increased ranges in Parametric Equalizer.
  • Recognition of files with ID3v4 tags.
  • Replaced font in all dialogs (more readable in Vista).
  • Several fixes and improvements.
  • Playback cursor appearance.
  • Option to hide cursor.
  • Window to set cursor (Ctrl+G).
  • Option to delete files in Batch Processing.
  • Minimize button on Batch Processing Progress window.
  • Realtime previewing of changes in Spectrum Filter.
  • New keyboard commands to set cue points (Q, Shift+Q).
  • “Select Between Cues” in right-click cue context menu.
  • Several fixes and improvements.

GoldWave is available for Windows PC, and costs $45 USD.

Visit the GoldWave website for more information.