Gospel Musicians has announced the release of MKSensation for iPhone, a live gigging module and rompler.

Gospel Musicians MKSensation iPhone

The MKSensation is a player’s live gigging module designed to give you the bread and butter sounds needed for a live session, gig, church service, or studio session.

The layout, ease of use, sliders, and simple functionality is what has made our PC version so successful. There is no fancy splash page and it’s not rattled with hundreds of sounds. It’s designed to be loaded and played for instant layering and inspiration.

You could could call this your instant rompler full of the sounds you would use all of the time and given our reputation of sampling, you know the sounds will be very warm, thick, and realistic.

The MKSensation for iPad and iPhone is a free download, with in-app purchase for additional synth sounds.

In celebration of the release of MKSensation for iPhone (all apps are now universal for iPhone and iPads), all of Gospel Musicians apps are on sale on the app store.

The sales end March 1st, 2016.

More information: Gospel Musicians