Audio Plugin Deals has launched an exclusive introductory offer on the new Grainstates instrument library by Rigid Audio.

GRAINSTATES is a set of 128 “granular morphing” textures and soundscapes. On top of that you can import your own WAV/AIF files into each GRAINSTATES layer via drag and drop.

GRAINSTATES comes with two sequencers and 4x 64 source waveforms within four distinct layers that can be played back randomly.

The Kontakt instrument features control over granular playback as well as onboard effects such as flair, flanger and phaser.

Grainstates features

  • 128 Factory Presets.
  • 3 different States within each Factory Preset.
  • 4x 64 (256) Source WAV Sounds.
  • 4 Engines (2x Grain, 1x Wavetable, 1x Timestretching).
  • 2x 64-Step Modulation Tables.
  • Control over Grain Flux, Speed, Detuning, Length and Sample Offset.
  • State-Sequencer with 8 Steps and Morphing.
  • Preset Randomization.
  • Sound Randomization.
  • Random Source Sound Selection while playing.
  • Built-In Production-Quality Reverb.
  • Flanger, Phaser and “Flair”-Effects.
  • User Audio File import via Drag and Drop.
  • Requires full version of Kontakt 6.4.2.

Grainstates is now available for just $7 USD until march 14th (regular $70 USD). After completing your order, $7 USD will be instantly added to your Rewards Wallet which you can use for any product in The Shop.

Additionally, customers who add Grainstates to the cart will also be offered the Massive Rigid Audio Bundle for just $49 USD (normally $746 USD).

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