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Gregjazz releases HeavenBound (beta) VSTi


Gregjazz (Greg Schlaepfer) has released a beta of HeavenBound, a freeware synth capable of producing lush pad textures. It is based on some simple physical modeling techniques.

Gregjazz HeavenBound (beta)Gregjazz HeavenBound (beta) – GUI after clicking HeavenBound logo twice


  • Attack/Release controls
  • Intensity and fullness of sound
  • 8 Meta patches which can be stored
  • Morph rate (in sec)
  • Effects: Vibrato and Filter

Note: There are still some issues with this beta; CPU is high and saving patches externally doesn’t really work.

You can download the beta of HeavenBound here or listen to a demo mp3 to hear what it sounds like.

Because HeavenBound is quite heavy on the CPU there’s also a light version available here.

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