Groove 3 Superior Drummer 2 Explained

Groove 3 has released Superior Drummer 2 Explained, a video tutorial series on Toontrack’s virtual drum instrument.

Rockin’ Toontrack Superior Drummer 2? Want to know it inside and out? DAW mad scientist Scott Griggs is going to take you on a Superior Drummer 2 journey that covers it all from beginning to end.

Scott starts the S2.0 journey from the beginning showing you the basics, such as installation, registration, interface overviews, using it in the most popular DAWs, building kits, using X-Drums to more advanced topics such as using the Groove Player, mixing and effects, advanced mapping, multiple outputs, bouncing and much more.

If you use Superior Drummer 2, it’s to your benefit to really know it inside and out, so you can work fast and get the best results. There are no other tutorial videos that go this in-depth into the amazing Toontrack Superior Drummer 2!

Superior Drummer 2 Explained features

  • 47 Tutorials / Over 4.5 Hours Total Runtime.
  • For all beginner to intermediate Superior Drummer 2 users.
  • Tutorials written by DAW expert Scott Griggs.
  • Simple to use video control interface for Mac & PC.

Superior Drummer 2 Explained is available to purchase as a 30-day “Watch It Online” product for $17.99 USD, $29.99 USD for a download, or $34.99 USD for the Boxed Disc (including instant download version).

More information: Groove 3 / Superior Drummer 2 Explained