Ginger Audio has announced the release of an all-in-one cable free audio router software for Mac. A powerful audio mixing board for content creators, GroundControl CASTER allows users to combine multiple audio sources of any kind (applications, microphones, audio interfaces and more), and mix and stream to your streaming apps such as Twitch, OBS, StreamLabs, Zoom, FaceTime etc.

GroundControl CASTER replaces both the GroundControl Cube and old Caster software. The free version offers one application track, which is assigned to desktop audio by default. A virtual audio device streams the desktop sound to your favorite streaming app, and the software features an interface to monitor the audio stream in your headphones.

The app includes a Soundboard track with free sound samples and the option to load your own sounds and play them to your stream. Audio can be recorded directly from the CASTER application (record your desktop audio or individual application audio to mp3, wav, etc), and AU plugins can be added to CASTER tracks.

Priced $49.99 USD, the paid CASTER Live edition comes with up to 8 application tracks and up to 6 microphones or device inputs tracks.

You can route any track to any application on your Mac with a single click. This is a “direct to..” feature that lets you have a dedicated audio device for each track so you can get separated audio in the OBS video recording and live streaming software.

MIDI and hotkeys are available for easy control, and a purchase includes Voice Purity (AI Noise suppression) and Voice Radio (voice exciter) plugins.

More information: Ginger Audio