Genuine Soundware and Instruments has announced the release of the a digital recreation of a Binson Echorec B2 mod, the T5E from 1965.

The GSi ECHO B2 plugin features all controls found on the original unit, alongside additional knobs for adjusting the alignment of each head (aka Azimuth on tape machines), to slow down the drum motor up to half the normal speed (to obtain doubled delay times) and to adjust the level of audible circuit hiss.

This unit, despite being so old, still has its original tubes and has had very little service in the last 30 years. We don’t know how this unit sounded when it was new, but this is how it sounds today, in 2022.

It has to be said that the Echorec B2, despite being less famous than its big brother the Echorec 2, shares with it the same magnetic drum, the same magnetic heads, same mechanism and pretty much the same circuitry, practically the same sound in a more compact unit. There are several sources of information about vintage Echorecs, this is the Echorec Bible.

ECHO B2 features

  • Faithful reproduction of a vintage unit, including all its pros and cons.
  • All original 12 Pick-up Head combinations available.
  • Head alignment for each head.
  • Drum motor speed allow up to double the delay time.
  • Adjustable background circuit hiss.
  • Complete MIDI control with user mapping.

Available for Windows and Mac in VST/VST3, AU and standalone formats, the ECHO B2 is priced 30 EUR ex. VAT where applicable. The iOS/AUv3 (iPad only) version is priced 14.99 EUR/USD at the App Store.

More information: Genuine Soundware and Instruments