GTG Synths has released GTG FM 4, a freeware VST instrument for Windows PC.

Mik writes:

A new FM synth with a different structure. 3 operators with 2 mixable paths each. Lots of cool sounds can be made with this one. And yet very easy to use.

GTG Synths GTG FM 4

GTG Synths GTG FM 4

2 Osc Polysynth GTG K 1 is now available in a rack version (no keyboard) and has been updated with:

  • new GUI
  • new presets
  • less CPU usage.

Drumsampler GTG DPC 3 also comes in a version without animated pads, and the new version corrects the Cymbal 1 (Ride cymbal) midi note, which has been moved from D3 to D#3, according to the General Midi Standard.

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