GuDa Audio has announced the release of a new echo plugin for Windows and Mac. Swedish for echo, Eko includes chorus, tape flutter, filtering, and saturation for a non static evolving echo.

The delay time can be set freely or synced to host with all common timing including triplet and dotted.

Eko is an echo effect with character. It is very simple to use yet rich in depth of its sound.

Add width with chorus and stereo spread, movement with tape flutter, and character with color filter and saturation.

Eko features

  • Stereo, cross stereo and ping pong mode.
  • Stereo width to control left right timing offset and width of ping pong from center to hard panned sides.
  • Tape flutter, emulates an unstable tape echo for a moving echo.
  • Simple color knob that EQs the lows or highs for that classic filtered echo.
  • Saturation is mild saturation to bring some grit to the echo.
  • Chorus to bring width and no static-ness and at high settings a reverb like echo.
  • Ducking, a smart side-chained compressor that automatically ducks echo sound and lets through original signal.
  • The colors in the GUI can be changed from a range of color sets.
  • Zoom in our out from 25% to 200% GUI size.

Available in VST/VST3 formats, Eko is priced 19 USD/EUR.

More information: GuDa Audio