H.G. Fortune HGF Synth Mega Pack

H.G. Fortune has announced the release of the HGF Synth Mega Pack, a collection of instrument plug-ins for Windows.

HGF Synth Mega Pack includes

  • AlioNoctis, combines many of the features from ProtoPlasm, STS-33 and Atonoise with the ease of use
    of the STS-21 for Sounds from the Other World.
  • Swamp XT, a reworked version of Swamp featuring ‘Timbre-modulation’
  • STS-33, Space Transition Synthesizer featuring Wave-Transition for unique atmospheres, soundscapes, pads & textures.
  • Anvilia, simple but highly efficient for even complex soundcreations due to some versatile modulations and the Enhanced Colorizer to add some more spectral color layers.
  • STS-24i, STS-21 and ProtoPlasm TSM, three classic H.G. Fortune synths.

The HGF Synth Mega Pack is available for Windows PC (VST) for 79 EUR, over 40% discount on the regular price. The offer will be available for a limited time only, until September 15, 2009.

More information: H.G. Fortune