VST Buzz has announced a limited time sale on the award-winning Flyinghand Percussion by HandHeldSound, a detailed hand percussion sample library with an expansive and expressive set of traditional and extended articulations.

With over 30,000 samples, it represents an authentic and evocative ensemble utilizing a great number of articulations, true replication of the drums’ characteristics, and authentic nuances from each instrument.

“Flying Hand Percussion“ is an award winning 10GB sample library featuring 18 hand percussion instruments from Africa, Asia, South America and Europe.

It’s jam-packed with a range of playing techniques, articulations, mic positions and features making it perfect for composing and playing live in every musical genre!

Flyinghand Percussion for the full version of Kontakt is on sale for 49 EUR until July 4th, 2023 (regular 148 EUR).

More information: VST Buzz