Rossignol Studio has released Harmonéon, a new Kontakt instrument library created from a harmoniflûte.

Rossignol Studio Harmonéon

“The harmoniflûte has snaps, free reeds like the accordion and harmonium. The wind is provided for by a reed bellows actuated by the musician by means of a pedal. The keyboard is similar to the keyboard of a piano accordion. It has an air reservoir that regulates and maintains the air pressure supplied by the bellows.”

Three effects are available: A reverb, delay and drive. Each of the effects can be added via their volume button on the interface.

The keyboard is split into two areas, two different sounds make up this instrument: A sound that resembles the harmonica “Harm” F-1 E2 and another close to the sound of the accordion “Neon” from F2 to E5. Harm sound has a vibrato controlled by the control ModWheel CC1. These two sounds have their independent volume knob.

Harmonéon for Kontakt is a free download until June 4th, 2016. Regular price is 15 EUR.

More information: Rossignol Studio