Have Audio has introduced its new Kontakt instrument library featuring the sounds of the traditional plucked string instrument from Finland, which belongs to the family of the zithers or lap harps.

The Kantele sample library contains 3 distinct flavors of the Kantele and a bonus synth.

In Finland’s national epic, Kalevala, the shaman Väinämöinen built the first kantele from the jawbone of a giant pike, using long hair that young Finnish women willingly gave him as strings. The sound of that Kantele was so beautiful that all living things started to cry at its very first notes. Their tears rolled into the ocean and turned into beautiful blue pearls as soon as they touched the water. Maybe that’s just an ancient story but this unique sounding instrument is truly enchanting and keeps moving souls.

Have Audio have deep-sampled a beautiful sounding 11-string kantele, playing it both with fingers and with pick and packaged it in their usual 3 Double Espresso blends: lots of playable articulations, textures and Sound Design FXs.

Kantele for the full version of Kontakt 6.5.2 or higher is on sale at Plugin Boutique for £29.95 GBP / $42 USD until June 5th, 2022 (regular $59 USD).

More information: Have Audio