Have Audio has announced the release of a new Nørdic Series Kontakt library featuring a deep-sampled cello played by Parisian cellist Jean-Philippe Feiss.

Nørdic Cello offers total playability, hyper-realism and tons of FX and creative applications for musicians, filmcomposers and music producers.

Tons of articulations, from classic true legato, all kinds of pizzicatos and staccatos, tremolo up to unusual articulations, extended techniques, and cinematic textures.

A totally enhanced engine including arpeggiator, top-class reverb, and delay algorithms, time warp, a new Drag&Drop feature to import and manipulate your own samples, loops, and future expansion packs inside the Nørdic Engine, ADSR Envelope controls, Reverse FX, 82 convolution reverbs, 6 additional FX to choose between EQ / COMPRESSION / SATURATION / CHORUS / PHASER / LESLIE, with 3 controls for each FX and 4 main FX Macros to assign whatever you want.

Regularly 179 EUR, Nørdic Cello for Kontakt 6.5.2 or higher (full version) is on sale for the introductory price of 129 EUR until March 13th, 2022. Prices ex. VAT where applicable.

More information: Have Audio