HEDD has released a free plugin that is designed to solve one of the most challenging issues in loudspeaker design: Phase Linearisation.

Instead of using a DSP solution, the HEDD Lineariser harnesses the power of the host computer CPU (up to 192 kHz, 32-bit), so that no additional AD/DA conversion in the speaker is necessary to correct frequency responses and phase issues. The process increases the speakers stereo imaging qualities, general accuracy and punch.

HEDD Lineariser

With the HEDD Lineariser®, we are introducing a unique software solution for one of the most challenging problems in loudspeaker designing: Phase Linearisation. A lot of monitors are using DSPs these days, but only a very few use their processing power for phase optimization. The HEDD Lineariser® takes a different approach: It uses the superior power of the host computer CPU (up to 192 kHz, 32bit), to perfect the phase and frequency response, so that no additional AD/DA conversion is necessary.

The result is a perfectly aligned loudspeaker or, as HEDD CEO Klaus Heinz puts it: “When activating the HEDD Lineariser®, transients are reproduced in perfect accuracy and the spatial qualities are being increased. Acoustic recordings will impress with their natural and intriguing character.”

The HEDD Lineariser® can be used in mixing, mastering, and even recording sessions (at lower latency settings) within any DAW, or as a standalone application for enjoying audio played from streaming platforms and media players such as Soundcloud, Spotify, Bandcamp, Youtube, iTunes, Groove, etc.

HEDD Lineariser is available for download for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/AAX).

More information: HEDD