H.G. Fortune ProtoPlasm TS Pro VSTi

H.G. Fortune has released ProtoPlasm TS Free (the freeware version of ProtoPlasm TS Pro).

ProtoPlasm TS features a modulation-system with 8 LFO/S&H-outputs plus adopted Transition system.

Basic features

  • three digital PCM-wave oscillators powered by 150 different waveforms (96 in free version)
  • each oscillator’s level can be modulated by different sources
  • adopted Transition System with 3 modes
  • one LP filter (24db Lowpass) with adjustable Boost and ADSR EG
  • one HP filter (12db Hipass) with adjustable Boost and ADSR EG
  • two shapeable LFO with patternlike waveforms (bpm-synced)
  • one shapeable standard LFO (bpm-synced)
  • one shapeable Sample & Hold with pattern (bpm-synced)
  • each LFO and S&H provide an additional Mix-out for mixed LFO-shapes
  • ‘magic eyes’ as visual control for LFO & S&H in motion
  • one ADSR EG for VCA
  • adjustable level for direct, LP and HP output with separate pan each
  • stereo-delay for PingPong effects (bpm-synced)
  • the LFO-Modulation Stepper switching modulation sources from all LFO, Mix and S&H outputs in sequence or at random. In sequence mode You can set first and last step, also determine direction (forward, backward, Bounce 1 & 2).
  • Changed: User-Waves for oscillators now via Soundfontfiles (SF2) loadable (see manual for details and howto) – (in free version only for osc. 1)

The Free version only has 2 voices instead of 8, less internal waves and SF2 is only loadable at osc. 1. The Pro version will be available for the introduction price of 29 Euro (normal price is 39 Euro).

Visit H.G. Fortune for more information and a link to download ProtoPlasm TS Free.