H.G. Fortune X-WoF 3

H.G. Fortune has released X-WoF 3 (X-Wheel of Fortune 3), a multipart integrated algorithmic VSTi music system for creating tracks based on 8 instruments-parts.

Each patch/preset may be a complete musical track, a track for backing a live performance etc. This can be arranged in using the algorithmic Wheel mode for free floating or the Scale step mode for harmonically prestructured tracks.


  • Pad 1 and Pad 2 Synthesizer with over 80 different PCM waveforms
  • Pad 1 and Pad 2 Synthesizer featuring Transition light inherited from STS-24
  • Bass and HiSq (=High Sequencer sounds)
  • Percussion section with 5 instruments and dedicated programmable Kick-part
  • over 200 Percussion intruments
  • VaSq – the Variable Athmospheric One Shot Sq for spacey things within a track
  • User Wav files loadable for Pads and all percussion instruments (even in free version)
  • 41 different internal scales + one adjustable User scale within every preset
  • Fade In and Fade Out, individual audio out (6xstereo) selectable, Start/Stop by Transport Run of Host
  • inbuilt help pages and quick tutorial with resp. patch
  • 64 editable presets/patches available in the registered version (32 in free)

The registered version is available for only 39Euro as introductionary offer til June, 30th 2006 (later will be 49Euro).

You can download the 5 part free version with full audition mode for certain patches. Within the free version Pad 1, Bass and the complete percussion section (Kick, HiHat and Perc 3-5) are fully accessible and editable.

Visit H.G. Fortune for more information and a link to download X-WoF 3 free.