Hinton Instruments SwitchMix

Hinton Instruments has introduced SwitchMix, a compact switched routing matrix for both audio and DC-coupled control voltages.

All the advantages of pin matrices without the problems.

SwitchMix features

  • SwitchMix may have balanced or unbalanced compatible inputs and outputs, extending its use beyond synthesizer patching to other audio routing applications including multitrack and effects routing and headphone mixes. The balanced inputs make it suitable for interfacing DAW sound cards into a synthesizer for Silent Way and Volta users.
  • Two Eurorack versions of the SMX8 are available, with or without front panel jacks. Rear connections are via DB25 sockets conforming to the Tascam balanced analogue pinout. The SMX8EJ (shown) has front panel 3.5mm unbalanced jacks for synthesizer connections and occupies 42HP of Eurorack space. The SMX8EB has balanced Bantam/TT jacks. Other combinations and custom normalling are possible.
  • Different sized SwitchMix systems with different features can be custom built. An 8×8 matrix has been engineered to fit within the popular Eurorack format. Larger systems can be made in Eurocard Rack format, incorporating our Eurocard interfacing modules, or on custom 19″ or other sized panels.

Prices start from £399 GBP, EC orders received before 1 January 2010 will be charged with 15% VAT (it increases to 17.5% after that).

More information: Hinton Instruments / SwitchMix