Loopmasters has released the second installment in Looptone’s Hip Hop Keyboard Chops series of sample packs in collaboration with UK session keyboardist George Cooper (U2, Joss Stone, MF Doom, Hans Zimmer, et al).

The pack delivers another essential library of acoustic and electric piano progressions and lines for all your Hip Hop, Soul, Funk, House, R&B, and Jazz-influenced projects.

In the Rhodes folder, you’ll find 69 EP loops in the keys of B and D, at tempos of 81 and 87 BPM, taking in warm chord sequences, sparkling melodics and funky riffs. George has deliberately kept many of the loops quite sparse, making them easy to slot into any mix; and the instrument in question has been recorded and engineered to bring out the best of its inherent warmth, character and tonality. The 96 acoustic piano loops, meanwhile, come in the keys of B, D and G, at 81, 87 and 93 BPM, and serve up everything from spiky grooves and cheeky top-line motifs to evocative sustains, loungey chords, and more.

On top of that lot, Hip Hop Keyboard Chops 2 also features 90 basses, leads, FX, Moog synth loops, and over 100 righteous live drum grooves, all perfectly primed for use with the keyboard samples, but wholly viable for separate deployment in their own right too.

Also available is Deep Tech Vocals 2, a fresh batch of vocal samples from House producer Ekoboy and Nashville session singer Chris Burke.

Deep Tech Vocals 2’s central library of 139 vocal loops serves up a smorgasbord of richly emotive phrases, many of them provided in multiple versions and edits and drawing on a range of effects processing – modulated filtering, reverb, pitch-shifting, slicing and more. Every sample is labelled by key, tempo and main lyric; and the performances are widely varied in their delivery and style, but all equally viable for deployment as focal hooks, incidental effects or sound design fuel for your sampler.

And that’s not all! Deep Tech Vocals 2 also brings you a tidy collection of fully worked-up bass, drum, synth, FX and top percussion loops with which to embellish your existing house projects or kickstart new ones. Each loop has been produced to the highest of dancefloor standards, and whether you elect to use them with the vocal samples or as mix-ready material in your general production adventures, these top-drawer sounds are sure to inspire.

The sample packs are available for purchase at the Loopmasters store, starting from £19.95 GBP.

More information: Looptone