Homegrown Sounds has announced a VST Raid Deal, a limited time promotion on a bundle of its plugins.

All 15 Commercial VST Plugins for just $70 during December, includes ARP, Ammonite, Black Magic, Pulse Control, Astralis Pack, Introjector, Homegrown Piano, Homegrown Sitar + more.

A number of Homegrown Sounds plug-ins has also been updated.

Homegrown Sounds updates

  • Ammonite v1.2 – Ammonite has been updated to include the ARP from the ARP VSTi plugin including Scale Remapper and Omnichorder.
  • Pulse Control v1.3 – Pulse Control, the VST Controller and Expander has been updated to v1.3, adding most features of ARP, and also Swing has now been localised and will work in all sequencers at all tempos.
  • ARP v1.61 – This update fixes a couple of issues introduced by 1.6 and adds some more CC controllers. The demo has also been updated.
  • Modulator v1.1 – Added a 2nd LFO for modulating either Feedback, Offset, Depth or Rate. Also added CC Controller Assignments for all controls, and added another 32 Presets.

More information: Homegrown Sounds