Homegrown Sounds has released Astralis C, the 3rd synth from the Astralis VSTi synth pack.

Homegrown Sounds Astralis C

Astralis C uses either 16 or 24 bit mono/stereo samples as it’s sound source. The samples are stored in banks of around 50 in a custom samples folder which can be installed anywhere on your PC. Each folder in the main samples folder becomes a bank of selectable samples from within Astralis. Astralis C also comes with 2 banks of high quality samples and a bank of 128 presets.

Astralis C features

  • Two Stereo Samplers which can load 16/24 bit samples
  • Loop points selectable between embedded or user edited as well as a fine tuning screen
  • Gate Sequencer now has 2 new Destinations, sample 1 and 2 and can be used to shift the playhead position for beatslicing type effects
  • Wavetable Synthesis via Mod Matrix
  • Start or end Loop Points can be modulated
  • Sample Start Position can be Modulated
  • Normalize Sample to 5 different Levels
  • Progressive Lofi modes
  • Forward or Reverse Modes
  • Attack Section On Off
  • One shot/ Loop with Release or Loop Only playback
  • Loop Section Fwd or Alternate
  • Random Sample selection from Banks
  • Optimized CPU usage

Note: Astralis C currently doesn’t seem to work in Sonar or Sonar based Sequencers.

Visit Homegrown Sounds for more information.