Homegrown Sounds has announced pre-release version of Grey Matter, an adapted version the Red Matter loop re-sequencer for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Grey Matter allows drag and dropping up to 8 Wav files for use with its sequencers. It uses time-stretching, which works best with 4/4 loops.

There are 12 patterns which can be switched in real-time using whichever Octave the triggers are assigned to via the Triggers setting. Each Pattern uses 13 independent sequencers each with their own Length to affect different parameters such as wave, Slice length etc… which provides an endless world of combinations. Whilst capable of complex re-sequencing, you could just use it to simply re-sequence the slices of a single WAV.

To load the Samples just drop onto a slot, multiple files can also be dropped to automatically fill up the following slots. Which sample is used is determined by the WAVE Sequencer and the indicator below the slots shows which Sample is used in real-time.

Grey Matter for the full version of Kontakt 6 is available now for the early bird price of $19.99 USD. Owners of Dark Matter can get an additional discount.

More information: Homegrown Sounds