HoRNet Plugins has announced an update to its plugin designed by Antonio Porcelli to provide a virtual “master bus” with Dolby Atmos mixes.

Version 1.2.0 of SAMP adds various new features to the “Spatial Audio Master Processor”.

Imagine you have 128 different tracks and you want to lift the “highs”, you should go one by one and adjust the EQ, SAMP resolves this issue by providing four classic master bus processors that are linked together, so a change on an instance of SAMP is reflected on every other instance, simultaneously.

Packaged into a single plugin you can find: an equalizer (using the same technology found in our TotalEQ) a compressor (using the same technology of our SyncPressor) a clipper and a limiter (using the same technology of our Magnus MK2). These processors take the audio from each track and apply the same settings to every track, simulating the effect of a master bus processor.

Changes in SAMP v1.2.0

  • Changed limiter behavior for newer sessions.
  • Added high pass filter in compressor.
  • Added makeup gain switch in compressor.
  • Added auto output gain with true peak target.

SAMP for Windows and Mac (VST/VST3, AU and AAX) is priced 59.99 EUR. The update is free for current owners of the plugin.

More information: HoRNet Plugins