Federico Sartorio @ Photo.net explains how to get people to smile for your pictures.

Federico writes:

Tired of being unable to take good photos of your friends / kids? Here’s my tutorial on how to create the cheapest and wackiest hot-shoe attachement for your camera.

PEZ camera mod

Here are three easy steps:

  1. buy a PEZ sweet dispenser in any grocery store, the more ridiculous, the better
  2. using a cutter, trim the feet of the dispenser, leaving a 2-3 mm wide plastic strip on each side. Check the width of your camera’s hot shoe if you are not sure
  3. slide the dispenser in the hot shoe of your camera, it should fit naturally!

Federico claims success:

Now you are ready to shoot! The best use for this attachement is to make people laugh and quickly snap a joyful portrait of them. You can then reward them with a sweet for added happiness. I’ve tested it on kids and friends and it works most of the time!