HY-Plugins has released updated versions of three of its plugins.

The updates to the HY-RPE block-based grid sequencer, HY-Delay3 multi-mode delay, and HY-MBMFX multi-band multi effect plugin include various improvements and fixes, including a validation error on Logic.

Changes in HY-RPE v1.0.8/HY-Delay3 v1.1.5/HY-MBMFX v1.1.8

  • HY-RPE: Expanded random running mode of sequencer block.
  • HY-RPE: Added max delay time rage menu for humanizer function.
  • HY-Delay3: Check boxes of randomizer didn’t work correctly (fixed).
  • HY-Delay3 & HY-MBMFX: Chorus fx had glitch sound issue (fixed).
  • All: Fixed invalid version issue on Logic.

The updates are now available.

More information: HY-Plugins